1CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & FittingsJixian Panshan Power Plant2012-2013
    2CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & FittingsInner Mongolia Jungar Power Plant2012-2013
    3CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & FittingsGuangdong Taishan Power Plant2012-2013
    4CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & FittingsInner Mongolia Togtoh Power Plant2012-2013
    5CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & FittingsTianjin Dagang Power Plant2012-2013
    6Henan No. 1 Thermal Power Construction CompanyFlanges & FittingsGongyi Power Plant2012-2013
    7Henan No. 1 Thermal Power Construction CompanyFlanges & Fittings Xinyang Huayu Power Plant2012-2013
    8Henan No. 1 Thermal Power Construction CompanyFlanges & Fittings Yichuan Power Plant2012-2013
    9Henan No. 1 Thermal Power Construction CompanyFlanges & Fittings Xinxiang Yuxin Power Plant2012-2013
    10 Beijing Electric Power Construction CompanyFlanges & FittingsHebei Dingzhou Power Plant2012-2013
    11Hebei Electric Power Construction CompanyFlanges & Fittings Hebei Dingzhou Power Plant2012-2013
    12Henan Gas Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsCoal Gasification Project2012-2013
    13Shandong Chenming GroupFlanges & Fittings Enterprise-Owned Power Plant extension2012-2013
    14Beijing Tianhuan Gas Group Co., Ltd. Supply BranchFlanges & Fittings Redulator Station Reconstruction2012-2013
    15East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECEC)Flanges & Fittings Methyl Ethyl Ketone Project2012-2013
    16Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group Co.,LTD Soda PlantFlanges & Fittings Enterprise-Owned Power Plant extension2012-2013
    17Ji'ning CoalChemical Industry Co.,LTD.Flanges & FittingsNeedle coke project2012-2013
    18Shijiazhuang RefineryFlanges & FittingsAccessories2012-2013
    19Tianjin United Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsExtension Project2012-2013
    20Shandong Jinxiang Fertilizer PlantFlanges & FittingsUrea project2012-2013
    21Yankuang Lunan Chemical Fertilizer PlantFlanges & FittingsConstruction in progress2012-2013
    22Shandong Zibo Qilu Fertilizer Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsConstruction in progress2012-2013
    23Sunvim Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsHuazhou Thermal Power2012-2013
    24Beijing Electric Power Construction CoFlanges & Fittings Zhejiang Yuyao Power Plant2012-2013
    25Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Zhejiang Ninghai Power Plant2012-2013
    26Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Zhejiang Yuyao Power Plant2012-2013
    27Beijing Electric Power Construction CoFlanges & Fittings Fuzhou Ningde Power Plant2012-2013
    28Yankuang Cathay CoalChemical Co. Ltd.Flanges & Fittings  Methanol Acetic Acid2012-2013
    29Hebei Zhongjie Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Methyl Ethyl Ketone Project2012-2013
    30Huainan Xinji Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment Use2012-2013
    31Anyang Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Construction Use2012-2013
    32Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Production Use2012-2013
    33Tianjin Chemical PlantFlanges & FittingsCoal to Oil Project2012-2013
    34China Petroleum Chemical Co. Jiujiang BranchFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    35Guizhou Aluminium PlantFlanges & Fittings Alumina Construction2012-2013
    36Guangdong ZhongCheng Chemicals Inc., Ltd Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    37Hunan Zhicheng Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    38Sinopec Jinling BranchFlanges & Fittings Technical Transformation Project2012-2013
    39PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Branch CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    40Nanjing Iron & Steel United Company LimitedFlanges & Fittings Production Use2012-2013
    41Sinochem Shandong fertilizer Co. Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    42Shanxi Fengxi Fertilizer Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Methanol Project2012-2013
    43Shandong Kaisailineng Hi-Tech Co. Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    44Shandong Rizhao Sanmu Thermal Power Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    45Guangxi Pingguo Aluminum IndustryFlanges & Fittings Alumina Project2012-2013
    46Shandong New Delan Thermal Power PlantFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    47Shandong Sun Paper Thermal Power PlantFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    48Dayawan Cnooc and Shell Petrochemicals Company LimitedFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    49Henan Sanmenxia Aluminum IndustryFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    50Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    51Sinopec No.4 CompanyFlanges & Fittings Guangzhou Petrochemical Project2012-2013
    52Sinopec No.5 CompanyFlanges & FittingsNanjing BASF Project2012-2013
    53Henan Great Wall Aluminum IndustryFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    54Nantong Wanda Boiler Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Equipment Use2012-2013
    55Suzhou Gas GroupFlanges & Fittings Pipeline Use2012-2013
    56Beijing Gas GroupFlanges & Fittings Pipeline Construction2012-2013
    57Shandong HongRi Chemical Joint Stock Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsSynthetic Ammonia Project2012-2013
    58Tianji Sinochem Gaoping Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Synthetic Ammonia & Urea Project2012-2013
    59Hebei First Electric Power Construction  Engineering CompanyFlanges & Fittings Xibaipo Power Plant2012-2013
    60Rizhao Steel Holding Group Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    61Shanxi Jinneng Group Datong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    62Yankuang International Coking Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2012-2013
    63China Aluminum Corporation Guizhou BranchFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    64Henan No. 1 Thermal Power Construction CompanyFlanges & FittingsHebi coal & electrothermal power Project2012-2013
    65Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd. Alumina PlantFlanges & Fittings Alumina Project2012-2013
    66Jiangsu Myland Chemical Industry Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    67Shandong HongRi Chemical Joint Stock Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Methanol Project2012-2013
    68Tianjin Botian Chemical Trade Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    69Shandong Feicheng Fertilizer PlantFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    70Shandong Refined Salt PlantFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    71Henan Junma Chemical Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Melamine Project2012-2013
    72Suzhou Gas GroupFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    73Xuzhou Gas GroupFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    74Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment2012-2013
    75China Petrochemical Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    76China Petroleum Pipeline Material and Equipment CorporationFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    77Taizhou Meilan Silicon Material Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    78Suzhou Towngas GroupFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    79Shanxi Yushe Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    80Dongying Hualian Petrochemical PlantFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    81Shandong Cathay Industrial BiotechFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    82Suzhou China Resources Gas Group LimitedFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    83Yantai Moon Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Production2012-2013
    84East Hope (Sanmenxia) Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Alumina Project2012-2013
    85Suzhou No.5 Pharmaceutical Factory Co., LtdFlanges & FittingsProduction2012-2013
    86Shanxi Sanwei Group Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    87Dalian Qihua Chemical Co., LtdFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2012-2013
    88East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECEC)Flanges & Fittings Methyl Ethyl Ketone Project2012-2013
    89Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Guangxi Guigang Power Plant2012-2013
    90Jidong OilfieldFlanges Project Construction2012-2013
    91  Huanghua Power PlantFlanges & FittingsPower Plant Construction2012-2013
    92Tongliao Meihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Synthetic Ammonia Project2012-2013
    93Shanxi First Electric Power Construction CompanyFlanges & FittingsInner Mongolia Fengzhen Power Plant2012-2013
    94Shanxi First Electric Power Construction CompanyFlanges & FittingsDalian Zhuanghe Power Plant2012-2013
    95Shanxi First Electric Power Construction CompanyFlanges & FittingsHenan Zhengdong Power Plant2012-2013
    96Shanxi Bosen Power Engineering Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Fangshan Power Plant2012-2013
    97Shanxi Bosen Power Engineering Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Ganshi Power Plant2012-2013
    98Yankuang Guohong Chemical Co., LtdFlanges & FittingsMethanol Project2012-2013
    99Yankuang Shanxi Tianhao Chemical Industry Co., LtdFlanges & FittingsMethanol Project2012-2013
    100Yankuang Yishan Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    101Heilongjiang Chemical PlantFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2012-2013
    102Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group Company Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2012-2013
    103China National Chemical Engineering No.13 Construction Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2012-2013
    104East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECEC)Flanges & FittingsIndonesia Methyl Ethyl Ketone Project2012-2013
    105KoreaFlanges Equipment2012-2013
    106Dingzhou Tianlu New Energy Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Methanol Project2012-2013
    107Inner Mongolia Qinghua Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsMethanol Project2012-2013
    108Datang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Yuncheng ProjectFlanges & FittingsPower PlantConstruction2012-2013
    109Datang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Yuncheng ProjectFlanges & Fittings Wushashan Power Plant Construction2012-2013
    110Datang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Yuncheng ProjectFlanges & Fittings Togtoh Power Plant Construction2012-2013
    111Jiutai Energy (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Methanol Project2012-2013
    112Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    113Hulun Buir Honghuaerji Hydropower Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2012-2013
    114Sedin Engineering Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsSynthetic Oil Project2012-2013
    115Shanxi Lu'an Coal-based Synthetic Oil Co.,Ltd. Flanges & Fittings Synthetic Oil Project2012-2013
    116 East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECEC)Flanges & FittingsCoke Oven Gas Comprehensive Utilization Project2012-2013
    117Yunnan Dawei Coke Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Crude Benzol Refining Project 2012-2013
    118Sedin Engineering Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsNitric Acid Equipment Project2012-2013
    119Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Shanghai Shidong Power Plant2012-2013
    120Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Inner Mongolia Jingtai Power Plant2012-2013
    121Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Guangdong Huizhou Power Plant2012-2013
    122Luxi Industrial Equipment Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Equipment2012-2013
    123Shandong Liaocheng Zhongsheng Xingye Industrial Equipment Installation Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment2012-2013
    124Pingyin Luxi Chemical No.3 Fertilizer Plant Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment2012-2013
    125Hebei First Electric Power Construction  Engineering CompanyFlanges & FittingsXuanhua Thermal Power2012-2013
    126Hebei First Electric Power Construction  Engineering CompanyFlanges & Fittings Datong No.2 Power Plant project phase III2012-2013
    127Hebei First Electric Power Construction  Engineering CompanyFlanges & Fittings Huaneng Group Shang'an Power Plant2012-2013
    128Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Shougang Power Plant2013-2014
    129Hebei First Electric Power Construction  Engineering CompanyFlanges & Fittings Dingzhou Power Plant Phase II2013-2014
    130Shandong Electric Construction Tiejun Power Engineering Co., LtdFlanges & FittingsPower PlantConstruction2013-2014
    131Benxi Steel (Group) Mechanical & Electrical   Installation Engineering CoFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    132Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    133 CTCI Beijing Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsPolysilicon Project2013-2014
    134Inner Mongolia Elion Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    135Huaneng Power International, Inc. Flanges & Fittings Jinggangshan Power Plant2013-2014
    136Hubei Dengfeng Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment2013-2014
    137CNPC Bohai Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment2013-2014
    138Inner Mongolia Sanwei Coal Chemical Technology Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    139Tianjin Bohai chemical industry group Co.,LTD Soda plantFlanges & FittingsRelocation Project2013-2014
    140 Anyang Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    14169 Silicon Industry Co., Ltd。Flanges & FittingsPolysilicon Project2013-2014
    142  Dyna-Mac China.Flanges & FittingsShip Building2013-2014
    143Jiangmen Yinxing Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Ship Building2013-2014
    144  Zhejiang Zhenghe Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsShip Building2013-2014
    145 Jiangsu Hongming Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsShip Building2013-2014
    146Ningbo Zhenhe shipyard Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsShip Building2013-2014
    147CSIC Shipping Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsShip Building2013-2014
    148  China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd.(CPE)Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    149 CTCI Beijing Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    150Datang Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    151China Academy of Aerospace AerodynamicsFlanges & FittingsEquipment2013-2014
    152Siemens (China)Flanges & FittingsEquipment2013-2014
    153CNPC Fushun Petrochemical CompanyFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    154SINOPEC Anqing  Petrochemical CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    155Jiangsu Daimengte Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    156 Beijing Gas Customer Service Co., LtdFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    157 Beijing Shun Tianshun Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. Shuntianshunyuan BranchFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    158CNPC  Pipeline Construction Project Management DepartmentFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    159Siemens Water Technology Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Equipment2013-2014
    160Sinochem No. 2 Construction Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    161Beijing Aerospace Yisen Wind Tunnel Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment2013-2014
    162Shanxi No.3 Electric Power Construction Company (Hefeng Power Plant Project Department)Flanges & Fittings  Project Construction2013-2014
    163Beijing Gas Group Miyun Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    164Sinopec Sichuan Pipeline BranchFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    165Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    166Xingang Tianjin Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsShip Building2013-2014
    167SINOPEC SABIC Tianjin Petrochemical Co. Ltd.(SSTPC) Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    168Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    169Tianjin Bohai chemical industry group Co.,LTD Soda plantFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    170Tianjin Dagu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    171 Tianjin Botian Chemical Trade Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    172SINOPEC No.4 Construction CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    173Tianjin Sien Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    174Tianjin Guanjie Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    175Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    176JAMG Jizhou Yinhai Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    177Tangshan Guofeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    178Qinhuangdao He-Cheng Nickel Industry Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    179Xingtai Risun  Coal Chemical Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    180Jizhong Energy Xingtai Mining Industry Group Ltd Jinniu Potash branchFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    181Cangzhou tiaomiao Chemical Machinery Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment2013-2014
    182China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp.North China CompanyFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    183 Dalipal Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    184SINOPEC Cangzhou CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    185Sedin Engineering Co. Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    186Shanxi Datang International Yuncheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    187Hulun Buir Honghuaerji Hydropower Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    188Inner Mongolia Datang International Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    189Inner Mongolia Mengdong Energy Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    190Inner Mongolia Datang International Hexigten Coal Natural Gas Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    191 Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group Qinghua Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    192Inner Mongolia Wuhai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    193Inner Mongolia Elion Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    194Inner Mongolia Sanwei Coal Chemical Technology Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    195Shenyang Industrial Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. Metal Pressure Vessel FactoryFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    196Dongbei Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    197Yisheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    198China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Fushun CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    199China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp. Liaoning CompanyFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    200Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery (Huludao) Co., Ltd (SITH)Flanges & Fittings Equipment2013-2014
    201Benxi Steel (Group) Mechanical & Electrical Installation Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    202Panjin North AsphaltFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2013-2014
    203Panjin Northern Asphalt Co., LtdFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2013-2014
    204Changchun Jinbaote Biological Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    205Jilin Siping Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment2014-2015
    206Huludao Shanhai Spherical Tank Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment2014-2015
    207Harbin Boiler Vessel Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment2014-2015
    208Liaoning CIMC hashenleng  gas liquefaction Equipment Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment2014-2015
    209Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. (HBC)Flanges & Fittings Equipment2014-2015
    210PetroChina Company Limited West-to-East Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline CompanyFlanges & FittingsWest-to-East Natural Gas Transmission Project2014-2015
    211Shanghai Petrochemical Baochun Machinery Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    212Nanjing Yida Technology Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    213Nantong Wanda Boiler Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment2014-2015
    214LANXESS–TSRC (Nantong) Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    215Ningbo Shunze Rubber Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    216Chemical Industry No.2 Design Institute Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    217Zhejiang Jiangshan Chemical Co., Ltd. Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    218East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECEC)Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    219 Anhui Sunny Technology Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    220Jiujiang Jia'an Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    221China Petroleum Chemical Co Jiujiang BranchFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    222Jiangxi Natural Gas Investment Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    223Pingyin Luxi Chemical No.3 Fertilizer Plant Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    224Shandong Rongxin CoalChemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    225Shandong Hualu-Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    226Shandong Qingyuan Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    227Offshore Oil Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    228Shandong Electric Construction Tiejun Power Engineering Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    229HTG Development Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    230Yangmei Group Zibo Qilu First Fertilizer Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    231Shandong Jianlan Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    232Shandong Qingyuan Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    233Shandong FangYu Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    234Boxing Chengli Gas Supply Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    235Xinneng Phoenix (Tengzhou) energy Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    236Tengzhou Zhongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    237Dongying Hualian Petrochemical Factory Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    238Weifang Shengjian Boiler & Pressure Vessel FactoryFlanges & Fittings Equipment2014-2015
    239Gaomi Wan Ren thermoelectric Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    240Linyi Hengchang Coking Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    241Linyi Pipeline Gas Transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    242Shandong Jining Mining Industry Group Minsheng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    243Dezhou ChemChina Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    244Rizhao Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    245Shandong Chengda New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    246Luxi Industrial Equipment Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    247Jin'ao Technology (Hubei) Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    248 Anyang Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    249Shengda FiltrationFlanges & Fittings Equipment2014-2015
    250SINOPEC Baling CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    251PetroChina pipeline LanChengYu CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    252Yunnan Luxi Dawei Coking Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    253Yunnan Jiehua Clean Energy Development Co., Ltd. Jiehua Chemical CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    254PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    255Xinjiang Agricultural Sixth Division Coal & Electricity Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    256 Nilka Ruixiang coking Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    257SINOPEC Tahe CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    258The 718th research institute of CSIC (PERIC)Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    259Yankuang Xinjiang Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    260China Petroleum Pipeline Material and Equipment Co.,Ltd.FittingsWest-to-East Natural Gas Transmission Project2014-2015
    261PetroChina Pipeline CompanyFittingsYongchuan Station relocation Project2014-2015
    262Suizhong Port Xindalu Ship Fuel Oil Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    263 Beijing Gas Customer Service Co., LtdFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    264 Beijing Gas Group Material Supply CompanyFlanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    265CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Chentangzhuang Power Plant2014-2015
    266CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Heilongjiang Daqing Power Plant2014-2015
    267CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Jingxi Power Plant2014-2015
    268CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Gaojing Power Plant2014-2015
    269CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Shanxi Shenmu Power Plant2014-2015
    270CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Fujian Hongshan Power Plant2014-2015
    271CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Jiangsu Nantong Power Plant2014-2015
    272Zaozhuang Zhongke Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Ion Film Caustic Soda2014-2015
    273Tianjin Guanjie Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment Installation2014-2015
    274Liaoning CIMC hashenleng  gas liquefaction Equipment Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment Installation2014-2015
    275Shanghai Petrochemical Baochun Machinery Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment Installation2014-2015
    276GuangYue Petroleum Chemical Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Heavy Oil Hydrogenation2014-2015
    277Shandong Fuyu Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    278Shandong Huatong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment Installation2014-2015
    279 Luxi Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment Installation2014-2015
    280Sichuan Banghe Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    281  Formosa Plastics Group Continental Petrochemical SteelPipes & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    282Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Cyclohexanone Project2014-2015
    283Qingdao Port Dongjiakou Port Oil Terminal Pipeline InstallationPipes & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    284 Shandong Weifang Shengjian Boiler Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    285  Xinyi Tianyang Gas Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment Installation2014-2015
    286 Beijing Gas Group Material Supply CompanyFlanges & FittingsEquipment Installation2014-2015
    287Classic Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsPanjin Project2014-2015
    288Linyi Pipeline Gas Transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsPipeline Installation2014-2015
    289Dalian Tiancheng Gas Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment Installation2014-2015
    290PeroChina  Inner Mongolia Sales CompanyFlanges & Fittings Wuhai Tank Farm Construction2014-2015
    291 Xinyi Glass Industrial Park Coal to Gas ProjectFlanges & FittingsPipeline Installation2014-2015
    292 Beijing Gas Group Material Supply CompanyFlanges & FittingsEquipment Installation2014-2015
    293Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment Installation2014-2015
    294Dongying Guangyue Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsHydrotreating Project2014-2015
    295Shandong Fuyu Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Pipeline Installation2014-2015
    296Shandong Fuyu Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Main Equipment Installation2014-2015
    297Shandong Fuyu Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Main Equipment Installation2014-2015
    298 Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment Installation2014-2015
    299 Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment Installation2014-2015
    300Ningxia Tairui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    301Shandong Hailir Chemical Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment Installation2014-2015
    302China No.14 Construction Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2014-2015
    303Guizhou Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd. Department of MaterialsFlanges & Fittings Pipeline Maintenance2014-2015
    304Shandong Hualu-Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEquipment Installation2014-2015
    305Richform Offshore Limited Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2014-2015
    306China National Chemical Engineering No.11 Construction Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2015-2016
    307Inner Mongolia Sanwei Coal Chemical Technology Co., LtdFlanges & Fittings Company Construction2015-2016
    308Lanzhou Haimo Technologies Group Corp.Forgings Company Construction2015-2016
    309Beijing Tuofeng Technology Development Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsTrading Company2015-2016
    310Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. (HBC)Flanges & FittingsBoiler Installation2015-2016
    311Anhui Sixon Cryo Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2015-2016
    312Suizhong Por Xindalu Ship Fuel Oil Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsMarine Equipment2015-2016
    313Shanghai Rizhisheng New Technology Development Co.,Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2015-2016
    314Tianjin Zhongke Technology Development Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2015-2016
    315Sa Yi Wei Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Equipment Installation2015-2016
    316Liaoning Ruixing Import & Export Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Carbon Disulfide Project2015-2016
    317Chengde Shuangluan District Xingye Heating Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2015-2016
    318Beijing Tuofeng Technology Development Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings CompanyConstruction2015-2016
    319Nanjing Bidun Environmental Protection Plant Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2015-2016
    320Harbin Boiler Vessel Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.Flanges & Forgings & FittingsBoiler Installation2015-2016
    321Shanxi Datang International Yuncheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsPower Plant Maintenance2015-2016
    322Beijing InterControl  TimesTechnology Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Trading Company2015-2016
    323Botou Tengda Instrument & Pipefitting Processing PlantFlanges & Fittings Instrumentation2015-2016
    324China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC)Flanges & Fittings Jiujiang Company2015-2016
    325 Jiujiang Jia'an Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2015-2016
    326PetroChina Huabei Oilfield CompanyFlanges & Fittings Suqiao Gas Storage Ground Project2015-2016
    327Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC)Flanges & FittingsTanggu Project2015-2016
    328West-to-East Natural Gas Transmission ProjectFlanges & FittingsNanning Baise Branch Line project2015-2016
    329West-to-East Natural Gas Transmission ProjectFlanges & FittingsLine No.2 West Section Pipeline Project2015-2016
    330CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Jiangxi Fuzhou Power Plant2015-2016
    331CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Lingang Power Plant2015-2016
    332CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Linkong Power Plant2015-2016
    333CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Ningxia Linhe Power Plant2015-2016
    334CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Shanxi Hequ Power Plant2015-2016
    335CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Gansu Baiyin Power Plant2015-2016
    336CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Guizhou Xishui Power Plant2015-2016
    337CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & FittingsChongqing Anwen Power Plant2015-2016
    338Inner Mongolia Yitai Chemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsFine Chemicals Industry Project2015-2016
    339Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd (SNEC)Flanges & FittingsCoal Deep Processing2015-2016
    340Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd (SNEC)Flanges & Fittings Coal Deep Processing2015-2016
    341Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection & New Materials Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsEnergy Technology2015-2016
    342CEEC Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC)Flanges & Fittings Chongqing Anwen Power Plant2015-2016
    343Hebei SUNHOUSE Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Flanges & FittingsFittings Procurement2015-2016
    344  Xinjiang Jiarun Resources Holdings Co.,Ltd.Flanges & FittingsPower Plant Fittings Procurement2015-2016
    345PetroChina Changqing Oilfield CompanyFlanges & Fittings Project Construction2015-2016
    346 Jiujiang Jia'an Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2015-2016
    347Sinopec Jianghan Oil Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2015-2016
    348Shandong Huatong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Project Construction2015-2016
    349 Beijing Gas Group Material Supply CompanyFlanges & FittingsSupplies Purchasing2015-2016
    350Zhengzhou China Resources Gas Group LimitedFlanges & Fittings Supplies Purchasing2015-2016
    351Qingdao Hengshuncongsheng Group Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsFurnace Project2015-2016
    352Beijing Sanchuan Century Technology Co., Ltd. Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2015-2016
    353CNOOC Ningbo Daxie Petrochemical Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsHydrogenation Project2015-2016
    354Qingdao Port Tongze Trading Co. Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2015-2016
    355Jiangsu Huadian Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Flanges Substation Project2015-2016
    356Wenzhou Taichang Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Flanges Substation Project2015-2016
    357Hebei Ningjiang Light Source Co., Ltd.Flanges Substation Project2015-2016
    358Weifang Chang'an Steel Tower Stock Co., Ltd.Flanges Substation Project2015-2016
    359Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd.Flanges Substation Project2015-2016
    360Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd.Flanges Substation Project2015-2016
    361Qingdao Port Group Materials and Equipment Procurement CenterFlanges & FittingsPipeline Installation2015-2016
    362Tianjin Guanjie Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Supplies Purchasing2015-2016
    363Hebei Xinxinyuan Energy Co., Ltd.Flanges & FittingsProject Construction2015-2016
    364Harbin Zhenghao Electric Power Fittings Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Supplies Purchasing2015-2016
    365Botou Xinke Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Supplies Purchasing2015-2016
    366  Botou Tengda Instrument FactoryFlanges Supplies Purchasing2015-2016
    367Baoding Tianyu Control Engineering Co., Ltd.Flanges & Fittings Supplies Purchasing2015-2016

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